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Our team of experienced and licenced realtors knows the local southern california market better than anybody.  We are well equiped to find your the most qualified buyers at the maximum offer price, while securing multiple offers and doing it in an expedient fashion.  Our realtors can close the sale confidently with vetted buyers so you don’t need to worry about the deal falling thru due to a technicality.  Our team can help you in the home purchase process as well, as a buyers agent. We can get your offer to sellers and satisfy all of their requirements and give them a high level of confidence that you are a well qualified buyer with solid financial backing from their lending partners.

Centrix Realty is integrated with BluEleven Capital  and Centrix Insurance to be your full service real estate partner.

We believe in making every aspect of homeownership simple. With that in mind, let’s get you started.

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Currently there is a shortage of affordable listings in Southern California. It is a catch 22, homeowners will not attempt to sell a home if they cannot purchase another replacement, thereby keeping inventory low.  Furthermore, there are more buyers than ever seeking to purchase homes. There is an abundance of foriegn buyers, and investors seeking to purchase rentals as well.  Additionally, there is a net influx of out of state transplants moving to So. Cal that increases the buyer pool.  As a result, sellers can ask for top doller and expect to recieve multiple offers.

Southern California’s suburban areas are largely built out already.  The only new homes coming on the market are high density multi-family inner city complexes.  This contributes to the lack of desirable home stock.  Established and upscale home buyers generally do not wish to live in such properties.

The home selling trends generally are seasonal.  They tend to revolve around academic school years.  Families tend to list in the spring and hope to sell and close the deal over the early summer to ease the transition for their children into new school districts over late summer. Therefore, you may see that real estate market is particularly frenzied during the spring season, and listings tend to drop off by autumn.

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