Joining the BluEleven Mortgage team as a Loan Officer or Operational Staff member is an opportunity like no other. We believe in creating an environment where everyone thrives, and where your success is our priority. Here are just a few reasons why joining our family at BluEleven Mortgage is a decision you won’t regret:  

  1. Transparency and experience At BluEleven mortgage we value transparency in our management if you understand that when you are well informed you can perform your best our team brings a wealth of experience across all aspects of lending from origination to operations to secondary marketing this means you’ll have access to a deep pool of knowledge and resources to help you excel in your role. 
  2. Competitive pricing: We take pride in offering amazing pricing to our team members by leveraging our expertise in secondary marketing we can provide you with the competitive edge you need to succeed in the mortgage industry you’ll have the tools and support to offer the best deals to your clients making you a trusted partner in their home buying journey. 
  3. Inclusivity: At BluEleven mortgage we celebrate diversity and inclusivity we want your voice to be heard and your opinions valued here you’re not just the staff you’re a cherished partner in our collective success your unique perspective adds depth to our team making us stronger together. 
  4. Options and control: One of the unique advantages of being a portable 11 mortgage is the flexibility and control you have in your work as an originator you can not only take advantage of our in-house lending options but also across over 100 different preferred lenders from our approved list this means you have the freedom to choose the best lending solution for your clients giving you a competitive edge in the market. 
  5. Supportive environment: Success is a team effort and we are here to support you at every stage of your journey whether you’re an experienced loan officer or just starting in mortgage operations we provide mentorship and training in need to excel in our collaborative atmosphere ensures that you have the guidance and encouragement to achieve your professional goals. 

By becoming a part of the BluEleven family you’re not just joining a company you’re joining a supportive community dedicated to helping you reach your career aspirations our inclusive culture commitment to transparency and the freedom to choose from a wide array of lending options set us apart if you’re seeking a place where your talents are recognized your voice matters and you have the control to offer the best solutions to your clients blue level mortgage is the perfect fit join us and together we’ll reach new heights in the mortgage industry.